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What is a Remortgage?

What is a remortgage? It is a change in your mortgage policy, a renegotiation that may involve a new policy with the existing lender or moving to another lender for a better deal. A remortgage may let you increase the size of your mortgage in order to free up more cash for your finances, or it might let you take advantage of superior interest rates on offer with a different policy, as well as a host of other possibilities for remortgaging.

As with selecting a mortgage in the first place, it is important to compare remortgages to check out which ones offer the best rates and features, especially if you are looking to remortgage a specialist policy or if you have bad credit.

We offer easy-to-use interest rate tables and a list of policy providers so that you can compare interest rates currently on offer in remortgage deals. Additionally, you can just fill out our enquiry form to be put in touch with a remortgage advisor who will offer you information, advice and a no-obligation remortgage quote.

With hundreds of remortgage packages on the market, we recommend that you speak to a specialist to ensure you get the right deal for your circumstances. Take these steps beforehand to clarify your ideas:

  • Decide what you are looking for in a remortgage. Would you prefer the peace of mind of a fixed-rate package, or can you be more flexible? If you’ve suffered poor credit history in the past, consider discussing this with a specialist.
  • Contact your current lender for a redemption statement. A remortgage can incur various legal and arrangement charges, which you’ll need to factor into your calculations.
  • Find out what deals are available. Our remortgage calculator lets you check the cost of repayments under different interest rates and loan types.
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