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Britannia Remortgage

Britannia remortgage deals come in a range of options to suit your individual needs and let you take control of your finances, so that your mortgage can change with your lifestyle. Remortgaging can mean consolidating your existing debts, revamping your home or freeing equity for something else.

Britannia Mortgages

Since its beginnings as Leek & Moorlands in 1856, a series of mergers has led to the Britannia Building Society that exists today. As a mutual society, Britannia is dedicated to helping their members reach their goals and manage £6.9 billion per year of more than 3 million members, with £32 billion of group assets. Today, Britannia Building Society offers a wide selection of mortgage deals through its partnership with the Cooperative Bank.

There are a range of Britannia remortgage deals, including remortgage fixed rate, flexible, offset, standard variable rate, tracker and buy to let, and remortgaging with Britannia could allow you to:

  • Get a lower interest rate and save on monthly repayments
  • Be more flexible with your repayments by over or under paying or taking a payment holiday
  • Release capital for extensions or renovations which could boost the value of your home

Our mortgage service compares Britannia mortgage rates with other leading UK lenders to help you get the best remortgage deal for your circumstances.

If you’re considering a Britannia mortgage or loan it is a good idea to find out first whether or not you will qualify and how competitive their prices really are. Checking this can save you precious time and money. As an independent broker we offer you a non biased view on whether or not Britannia building society are the best lender for you, in case you’re eligible for their offers, and if there is a better lender based on your requirements.

Britannia Agreement In Principle

If you are looking to remortgage, a mortgage Agreement in Principle (or an AIP for short) is a useful way of seeing how much you can borrow. It will also give you an approximate indication of how much you can remortgage your property for and any additional capital you may wish to do e.g. for home improvements or for debt consolidation purposes.

An Agreement in Principle doesn’t mean you’re committing to a particular mortgage, but provides a useful benchmark of what you can borrow.

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